Excellent Wealth Management Services

Excellent Wealth Management Services

Combination of global vision and local experience, we provide comprehensive wealth management services, including

Savings Plan (including Fund Investments via Investment Linked Insurance and/or Portfolio Bond)
Life Insurances
Study Overseas
Trust Setup
Taxation Consulting
Corperate Brokerage Services

Intension of Brand

We provide superior investment services to appreciate your assets

Our quality services is beyond others

Ever Fountain is committed to offer you the most appropriate services and products

Ever Fountain —— Wealth Management

Ever Fountain have wealth management service for corporation and individuals as different needs. And, to establish the sustainable and long-term plans for client's investment.

  • Funds Investment (via Investment Linked Insurance and/or Portfolio Bond)
    Based upon the market trends, corporations and individuals can flexibly deploy resources to plan the right investment strategy.
  • Savings Plan
    Companies and individuals can make up its own investment time line. Not only month by month, but also by seasonal, by quarter, or by semi-annual. Depends on the investment plan and the tolerance for risk, clients could tailor-made one's specific portfolio to meet their long term to medium term goals.
  • Insurances
    If accident is happened, a well insurance plan will help protect your beloved.
  • Overseas Studies
    Parents would like to provide the best quality of education to own kids, such as studying abroad. However, overseas studies involving the high tuition fees and living expenses etc. The sooner parents start preparing for the future plan, the less financial pressure will result.
  • Trust Set Up
    Companies and individuals establish/ set up the trust, its benefits are reduced and deferred the liability of tax.
  • Other Services
    Ever Fountain also provide tax arrangements and corporate brokerage services. For more information, please contact Ever Fountain Admin directly.


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